RAYDENT Microscan

Micro-CT 3D scanner for dental CAD/CAM treatment

RAYDENT Microscan, the innovative Micro-CT 3D scanner, is now available to dental lab/clinic.
It guarantees reliable scan results with accuracy, efficiency and productivity.

  • Dental 3D scannerDental 3D scanner
  • Impression & ModelImpression & Model
  • Micro-CTMicro-CT
  • STL output formatSTL output format
  • High accuracyHigh accuracy
  • Dental applianceDental appliance

The Innovative Dental 3D Scanner

for dental CAD/CAM

triple tray

Triple tray

full_arch tray

Full arch tray

Micro-CT Technology

Fast, Accurate and Efficient

RAYDENT Microscan

Place an object in the Micro-CT and just run 3D-scanning

MODEL scan and IMPRESSION scan

at the one scanner


MODEL scan without pin die work


Impression scan of Full arch
with no distortion and no unscanned(uncovered) area

Micro-CT technology

scans everything at one scan

Stunning details in 3D scan results


Crystal clear output superior to optical scanners

STL format of 3D data

Compatible with RAYDENT Solution or open CAD/CAM system

1. Scan
RAYDENT Microscan

RAYDENT Microscan

2. Design
RAYDENT designer

RAYDENT designer

3. 3D Printing
RAYDENT Studio 600