New approach toward the future

RAYSCAN α (Alpha) changed a trend of dental imaging system by proving its reliability and robustness with the highest level of diagnostic efficiency.

  • 3D Ready3D Ready
  • 1143μm Voxel140μm Voxel
  • 9X9 FOV9X9 FOV
  • LowDoseLow Dose
  • AwardWinningAward Winning
  • Rayguard ProtectionRayguard Protection

rayscan a

Beautiful as much as your clinic



You Just Take a Break,

We Upgrade your 2D RAYSCAN to 3D

Easy of use for your conveniences

Workflow efficiency

  • 1) Wireless remote control
  • 2) Simple and easy GUI on Touch Screen
  • 3) No cool-off time between patients
  • 4) Easy wheelchair access


Highly versatile and robust

The market-proven

Optimal size of FOV and resolution

143μm @ 9x9cm

143μm @ 9x9cm

Various options

2D pano or 3D CT with 3 Ceph options


Object scan, new feature for digital impression

Scan your model/impression and Convert the DICOM to STL

Object Scan
Object Scan


Real-time IoT Service


24/7 monitoring

Real-time health check and Preventive alerts

Remote upgrade for the latest software and firmware

High-definition image quality