Taking the first step toward efficient workflow

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The fast and accurate RAYiOS will assist you in your journey
to an efficient workflow

The first step into Digital Dentistry

RAY Intraoral Scanner RAYiOS

Detailed images

image scans

Accurate images

Accurate up to 20um
(Single Crown)

Fast acquisition

Large scan area,
powder-free rapid scans

Open platform

Free communication with
dental labs and clinicians

Advanced design

Ergonomic design and
comfortable grip

Digital workflow through RAYiOS


- Streamlined workflow through direct digital impressions
- Accurate restoration designs are possible through
integration with CAD/CAM

RAYiOS + Face scanner

- Minimize remakes by incorporating the occlusion data
for the accurate restoration design

- Diagnostics data are directly translated into the
prosthetics design and fabrication

RAYiOS + Face Scanner + CBCT

- Provides comprehensive diagnostic data through
clinically meaningful occlusion information, teeth segmentation, bone, soft tissue…etc.

- Various clinical application cosmetic dentistry, dentures,
splints, clear aligners…etc.


RAYiOS Specification

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